Members of the Commission

Dato Dr. Madeline Berma
Commissioner, Human Rights Commission Malaysia

Dato Dr. Madeline accomplished her Bachelors of Economics at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1982; and later completed her Master of Arts at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in 1986. Subsequently, she received her PhD from University of Hull, England in 1997. Dr. Madeline is credited strongly for her 35 years of academic experiences, in which she held various positions during her years under UKM.

Currently, Dato Dr. Madeline is a Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and is a consultant under NuMind Plus Training and Consultancy. Her past publications and research specialises in the field of development economics, which includes areas of poverty, inequality, rural development, women development and marginalized communities. She was awarded with three (3) distinctive recognitions, which are Pingat Ahli Bintang Kenyalang (ABK), Sarawak Women in Education special award, and Tokoh Wanita Sempena Hari Pekerja (CUEPACS).