Media Release

Compliance Collaboration Between MyCC and Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)
MyCC Launches Two Handbooks on Bid Rigging
MyCC warns schools bus operators can be fined
MyCC publishes Guidelines on Financial Penalty and Leniency Regime
MyCC reiterates warning against price fixing
MyCC accepts undertaking from logistics service providers
MyCC issues Proposed Decision to Sibu Confectionery and Bakery Association
MyCC Melancarkan Dua Buku Mengenai Tipuan Bida: “Garis Panduan Menentang Tipuan Bida Dalam Perolehan Awam” dan “Help Us Detect Bid Rigging”
MyCC on MoE Guidelines for Health Insurance
New Members of Commission
Conditional Block Exemption for Liner Shipping Agreements by MyCC Was Published in the Gazette
MyCC Launches Two Bid Rigging Handbooks