Laporan Akhir: Kajian Semula Pasaran Daging Ayam Tempatan

Pursuant to section 11(1) of the Competition Act 2010 (“Act”), Malaysia Competition Commission (“MyCC”) has conducted a market review on the Domestic Broiler Market (Peninsular Malaysia).  This review focused on the current structure of the domestic broiler market; and the interactions of farmers, wholesalers and retailers across the broiler supply chain.

In preparing this final report, MyCC undertook further analyses of the composition and level of broiler production costs in the farming and wholesaling segments of the supply chain; the time-profile and pattern of broiler retail prices over and during both the festive and non-festive seasons in Peninsular Malaysia; and government broiler market policies and pricing regulations which include the licensing of broiler farming, wholesaling and retailing as well as quota on broiler importation.